We design your integration solution to meet your future needs

Whether you require internal or external system connections, we can offer an integration solution that meets your company’s needs. Our skilled and experienced expert team make sure that the project proceeds on schedule and that integrations are seamless.

Our versatile experts can help you centralise your sales, procurement and balance calculations, customer order and project management or help you replace messaging applications and internal point-to-point connections.

Integration that grows with your company

We analyse your company’s specific needs right at the beginning of the integration project. This results in a long-term solution that suits your budget and promotes your business goals. A flexible integration solution guarantees seamless collaboration within the company and with your partners.

Your IT department is free to focus on its central tasks

Our versatile and experienced team of experts knows all the technologies inside out. This enables them to work rapidly and precisely. You can rest easy in the knowledge that your system integration will be well realised and that your own IT team can focus on what matters most.

We offer seamless integration solutions, whatever their extent

  • You will have access to AgentIT’s extensive experience of various integration solutions, services and customer needs and – last but not least – our understanding of the significance of risk management.
  • We offer a wide range of cost-efficient integration services that are suitable for all applications.
  • Our experts provide flexible, high-quality service.


This is how we realise optimal integration solutions that meet your specific needs

1. The realisation of your integration environment kicks off with the determination of system compatibility to support the necessary technical requirements.

2. We transfer data between systems and, when necessary, convert it to the appropriate format.

3. We realise integrations cost-efficiently and in an agile manner. We have numerous software-specific, ready-made connections that are easy to deploy.

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