Platform to setup customized validators for EDI/XML messages

Faster EDI/XML deployments

Truugo is an easy-to-use and cost-efficient online solution designed to setup customized validators and documentation for electronic messages (EDIFACT, XML, Flat File), such as invoices. Particularly in EDI/XML deployments, it is important that your trading partners can be connected efficiently. The more trading partners or message/system interfaces you have, the more time Truugo helps you save time and resources in a deployment phase.

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Errors can be fixed as a self-service to release your human resources to perform more meaningful tasks

Usually when you receive an error notice, it may be difficult or impossible to locate the error in the EDI/XML message without superior knowledge.


With Truugo, users can test their messages by themselves, as a self-service. Truugo returns a clearly worded description of errors which need to be fixed. It also provides a clear indication on which line each error exists. Thus, errors can be fixed quickly and easily without special technical skills. Because of this, validating messages and locating and fixing errors can be performed iteratively in minutes. Do you still want to spend days/weeks to solve even simple errors with your trading partners?


Never underestimate the importance of data quality when aiming to automate your processes! Truugo helps to improve overall data quality by allowing to provide feedback about recommended practices and forthcoming requirements.

Quick and easy Truugo deployment

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3. Order a pilot as a turnkey solution without obligations.

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