Gas market messaging system for Gasgrid Finland Oy

The messaging system transmits the Edig@s messages between Gasgrid Finland and the other stakeholders using secure AS4 messaging.

The Finnish gas market opened to all providers and Gasgrid Finland Oy started to operate on January 1, 2020. Gasgrid Finland is now responsible for gas transmission operations in Finland, including the gas system and gas transmission services.

The reliable delivery of messages between Gasgrid Finland and the other stakeholders is vital for the operation of the gas market. It enables Gasgrid Finland to offer safe, efficient and reliable gas transmission services for example through the Imatra reception station and via the Balticconnector pipeline.

AgentIt Finland Oy has had the privilege to participate in realizing this momentous change. We assisted Gasgrid Finland in opening the gas market by developing an ArcESB integration tool based messaging system that suited their needs. This system delivers the Edig@s standard messages between the different stakeholders using the safe AS4-protocol.

”AgentIt’s prowess in monitoring and operating business critical data flows is one of the corner stones of the Finnish gas market.”

Account and services manager for Gasgrid Finland Oy, Ville Rahkonen.

AgentIt and Gasgrid Finland also co-operate in monitoring this system and the uninterrupted communication between Gasgrid Finland and the other gas market stakeholders. This monitoring secures the gas transmission operations in Finland around the clock, every day of the year. We are proud that we can participate in developing the gas network and the carbon neutral energy system of the future.

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